You can use this form to make the following absence notifications:

Short absences (absences of less than 90 days).

Absences with premium waiver (absences that have already lasted for more than 90 days on the day of notification and absences that are very likely to exceed 90 days).

Employer data

A successful collaboration between Tellco pkPRO and eCare Ltd

Our partner company eCare Ltd. oricesses iver 5,000 cases per year - and each case is guaranteed to receive a comprehensive analysis and professional, personalisedprocessing. eCare Ltd. offers you support from an experienced team of legal experts and Case Managers. The eCare Ltd. team is on hand to support you in all mattersregarding absences and questions concerning promoting health in and reintegration into the workplace, and to provide assistance with any legal issues converningemployment or insurance.